Um, I Think Annie Started Laying

I was a little bit confused when I found a giant egg in the coop. This egg could only have been laid by Juliette or Annie, as the others were accounted for. Betty is currently in the garage while I look after a small sore spot on her lower leg that looks like something she…


The Spiders Have Been Busy Again

On clear, frosty nights, the spiders come out to complete their far-reaching masterpieces. Then the rain comes and ruins everything. But when the weather clears up, the spiders come out once again.  It's a funny cycle.

Sad News About The Chicks

All was going well with eight chicks after the saving of Slowmo, until Sunday morning, Day 7 for most of the chicks. I found a dead black chick in the coop. But it actually wasn't Slowmo. It was right up against the door of the coop on a little wet patch of wood shavings. I…