It’s All About The Door

The Door At the moment, it's all about the door. I finally got onto painting the future front door. It's been waiting for a wee while. But it has been very difficult to get enough child-free time in which to paint it. Small children and paint don't mix well. Or they mix a little TOO…


We’re a Bit All Over The Place

The Garden The Vege Garden isn't much to look at at the moment, but hey, it could be worse! There are a few crops scattered around and most of the beds are mulched with old chicken bedding. To keep the weeds down on the paths I have been laying cardboard and topping it with all…

Mid-winter Flowers

I think I appreciate flowers more in winter than in the more floriferous times of year, because they just bring some joy, hope and prettiness amidst the gloom and cold of winter. Here's to taking time to inspect and enjoy the flowers.