Oh dear, the Twiglet is sick. Yesterday I played the ‘ignoring card’, trying to keep busy so the sickness might crawl off into the corner. Did it work? Well, I managed to get a few things accomplished, including making apricot chutney and some much-needed weeding, but I don’t think it helped with the sickness thing. Today I’m playing the ‘bed-ridden card’, which is probably what my body needs. So, while having a break from sleeping, I am munching on a pretzel that The Husband bought me from the farmer’s market (and delivered with only one bite missing) and trying to get some eloquent words out of my fuzzy, fuzzy head. I won’t tell you how many typos I’m making.

The other thing that got done yesterday was the Great Potato Harvest. Not all potatoes come from the couch. I had already harvested a few of my Agria potatoes from the garden but decided to do the rest all in one go. I enlisted The Husband to help me since I didn’t have the energy to do much myself.

The Great Potato Harvest
The Great Potato Harvest
The Great Potato Harvest
The husband uses the fork while I do some careful trowelling

The Husband likes to do things quickly, while I take a more careful approach.

The Great Potato Harvest
I’ve struck gold!
Sack of potatoes
A sack of ‘taters
The haul
The haul

The trade-off for The Husband’s speed is a few potato piercings from the fork. I didn’t cut any with my trowel and hand method, but I was slow.

Pierced potatoes
These ones got left out of the sack due to fork piercing damage. We’ll do something with them for dinner.

After the vege garden harvest and before I could think much about it, The Husband dragged the potato barrel over and emptied it into the garden. I don’t think the barrel potatoes were quite ready to be harvested, owing to their small size. The tops of the potato plants were still quite green and leafy compared to the ones in the garden. I should have thought fast enough to leave them alone for a bit longer! Ah well, at least they weren’t rotten, maybe even a little dry.

Harvesting barrel potatoes
Harvesting the barrel potatoes
Potato barrel harvest
Bit of a sad harvest from the potato barrel!


Bucket of 'taters
‘Taters, precious! The ‘taters started overflowing from the bucket so we moved them into a large sack.

Now, what shall we do with the ‘taters for dinner?



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