Guys, it is time to give our main chicken coop a name. It isn’t very exciting calling it ‘The Main Coop’ or ‘The Big Coop’, so it’s time to have some fun with it. Once we have a name I intend to either paint it on the coop or paint a sign to hang on there. And while we’re at it, let’s find a name for the small coop too! I have some name suggestions below. Please comment away with what name or names you like and feel free to throw more suggestions into the mix.

The Main Coop, in need of a proper name.
IMG_20190705_154837200_HDR 3x2.jpg
The small coop, aka the Corner Coop, also in need of a proper name.

Coop Name Ideas:


Featherfield Park

Feather Hall

Fowlton Abbey

Featherburn Lodge

Flockton Manor

The Henley Hut

Mount Cluck Station

Cluckton Cottage

Cluckland Ranch

Cackleberry Inn

Butt Nugget Ranch


So, what should we call the chicken coops…?


7 thoughts on “Who Wants to Help us Name The Chicken Coop?

      1. As in the type of car? I had to look that up as I haven’t heard of it before. I’m sure there are some around NZ but I’m not sure if that term is used much here.


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