Welcome to the TWIGLET HOMESTEAD blog. This is where I share what I’m up to; my thoughts and photos about gardening, DIY projects, chickens, crafts, growing and making food and trying to live a more natural life. Four years ago, The Husband and I moved to our very own dear house in the Waikato countryside in New Zealand, which I decided to call Twiglet Homestead. I had a big belly, being halfway to the appearance of our third little family member, but I was full of dreams and plans, and still am.

Earlier on, we lived in the lovely, but shaken, Christchurch for a while, which will always hold a special place in our hearts. However, home is where the heart is, and for us, that is where the family is.

Home is my happy place. And my favourite place of all is in the garden. I like to grow all sorts of things, with a particular fondness for edibles, native grasses and burgundy coloured flowers and foliage. There is a whole heap of work to be done in the garden, which keeps me busy, along with my millions of other projects and being an at-home mum for a small child: our bright spark of joy and mischievousness, The Little Fulla.

I’m on a mission to become more productive, sustainable, natural and any other number of things that make my life more simple, healthy, cheap and responsible. However, I now shun the term ‘self-sufficiency’ as I think that leads to more harm than good. We need community. We need God. There is more to life than working your butt off around the home and garden in order to have everything ‘set-up’. Relationships are just as important as tasks. And the process must be enjoyed, not just the end result.

Join me as I journey through homesteading skills like DIY around the home, knitting, discovering food and household products that I can make instead of buy and various other experiments. I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into my world, and do stop to say hi!

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