A ‘Long’ Harvest

You never know what you're going to pull out of the vege garden sometimes. The other day, I pulled out a parsnip, with quite some amount of effort. It really outdid itself, this one, reaching 47cm (18.5in) long! But in the same bed, I also pulled out this one, which evidently had an awkward life, and…


Life is Like a Box of Carrots

I got some very good carrots out of the garden this season. Apparently they dig the deep bed method. Har har. And apparently planting them in a square bordered by sweet alyssum (Lobularia maritima) helps keep the carrot fly at bay. I only found one that had a small carrot fly hole in it, despite…

Tomato – Fat Freddy

This is Fat Freddy. He is a Black Krim tomato and he is large and weird, especially on his backside. He weighs 525g and is destined for a great future in the salad bowl.