A few websites that may be of interest.


Dave’s Garden

  • All kinds of plant information, PlantFiles – very useful searchable database for species and cultivars.

Egmont Seeds

  • Online seed shop for flowers, veges, herbs and more.


  • Articles and information about all things gardening.

Garden Post

  • Bulbs, wildflowers and plants.

Kings Seeds

  • Online seed shop for flowers, veges, herbs, microgreens and cover crops.

NZCPN – New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

  • A great database for information about native plants.

Oratia Native Plant Nursery

  • No longer in operation, but still a source of information on a wide range of natives – good for checking what conditions plants like to grow in.

RHS – Royal Horticultural Society

  • Plant Selector and Plant Finder, mainly useful for exotic plants.




Chicken Calculator

  • Not something to help you with chicken maths, but a genetics calculator for those interested in colour breeding. Complicated, but fascinating.

The Chicken Chick

  • A very informative website with straight-up articles on all kinds of chicken care.

Fresh Eggs Daily

  • A source of information on natural chicken keeping, plus egg recipes and more.




Dirty Hippie

  • Natural body products made here in NZ. I haven’t used all the products, but I highly recommend the probiotic deodorant and the shampoo/soap bars. The lavender shampoo bar does wonders for my hair and body.

Nature Body

  • My other source of NZ-made natural body products. They also have probiotic deodorant, plus lotions, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws and more.

Pure Nature

  • My main one-stop essential oils shop. They also sell all sorts of natural cosmetic-making, soap-making and candle-making supplies. If you use this referral code — Who wants a discount? — you will get $10 off your first order and I’ll get a small reward too, so that’s a win-win.





  • The knitting website you can’t do without – search thousands of patterns through all kinds of filters, add patterns to your queue, manage your projects, keep track of your yarn stash, etc.


  • A one-stop shop for yarn, needles and more, with fast delivery and sales of dangerous frequency.





  • Bags, aprons, throws, stationary, coffee and more – an NZ company that supports people in developing countries to manufacture the products and earn fair wages.

Trade Aid

  • Food, CHOCOLATE, homewares, clothing accessories, toys, crafts, soap and more – an NZ not-for-profit organisation who supports small farmers and artisans under strong fair trade principles.


What do you think?

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