A few websites that may be of interest.


Dave’s Garden

  • All kinds of plant information, PlantFiles – very useful searchable database for species and cultivars.


  • Articles and information about all things gardening.

NZCPN – New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

  • A great database for information about native plants.

Oratia Native Plant Nursery

  • No longer in operation, but still a source of information on a wide range of natives – good for checking what conditions plants like to grow in.

RHS – Royal Horticultural Society

  • Plant Selector and Plant Finder, mainly useful for exotic plants.

Egmont Seeds

  • Online seed shop for flowers, veges, herbs and more.

Kings Seeds

  • Online seed shop for flowers, veges, herbs, microgreens and cover crops.

Koanga Institute

  • Online shop for heritage vegetables seeds, bulbs and tubers and fruit trees, plus information about all things to do with growing edibles and living sustainably.

Setha’s Seeds

  • Online seed shop for heritage vegetable seeds, including garlic, onions and potatoes.


Chicken Calculator

  • Not something to help you with chicken maths, but a genetics calculator for those interested in colour breeding. Complicated, but fascinating.

The Chicken Chick

  • A very informative website with straight-up articles on all kinds of chicken care.

Fresh Eggs Daily

  • A source of information on natural chicken keeping, plus egg recipes and more.

Natural Products

Dirty Hippie

  • Natural body products made here in NZ. I haven’t used all the products, but I highly recommend the probiotic deodorant and the shampoo/soap bars. The lavender shampoo bar is my hair cleaner.

Nature Body

  • My other source of NZ-made natural body products. They also have probiotic deodorant, plus lotions, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws and more.

Pure Nature

  • My main one-stop essential oils shop. They also sell all sorts of natural cosmetic-making, soap-making and candle-making supplies. If you click on this referral code — Who wants a discount? — you will get $10 off your first order and I’ll get a small reward too, so that’s a win-win.


Gluten Free on a Shoestring

  • My primary source for yummy, well-executed gluten-free recipes. Just don’t look at it when you’re hungry.

Hendersons Fine Foods (Hendersons Bacon)

  • The bacon to buy. Why? It has no harmful preservatives like most of the bacon in our country and isn’t full of water. Also, it tastes like proper bacon. Available at good supermarkets.



  • The knitting website you can’t do without – search thousands of patterns through all kinds of filters, add patterns to your queue, manage your projects, keep track of your yarn stash, etc.


  • A one-stop shop for yarn, needles and more, with fast delivery and sales of dangerous frequency.


  • The local one-stop craft shop for yarn, fabric, accessories and more.

Responsible Shopping


  • Bags, aprons, throws, stationary, coffee and more – an NZ company that supports people in developing countries to manufacture the products and earn fair wages.

Trade Aid

  • Food, CHOCOLATE, homewares, clothing accessories, toys, crafts, soap and more – an NZ not-for-profit organisation who supports small farmers and artisans under strong fair trade principles.

What do you think?

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