More Planting, More Sowing & Taming The Seed Volcano

Because of various things going on we haven’t had as much time for homesteading tasks lately. Or blogging. Sorry about that. But the homestead never sleeps and there’s always something going on. And at least I have officially finished my Christmas shopping. Except for the special fruits for our Christmas stockings that will be bought … More More Planting, More Sowing & Taming The Seed Volcano

Good Crop, Bad Crop

Last time I talked about the pumpkins and squashes, which despite the powdery mildew and earlier-than-usual demise, still gave us decent crops. Except for the Pink Banana Jumbo squash, both plants of which grew like a stunted sloth and finally aborted their puny fruit. I blame the poor quality of the seeds. Plus the slugs … More Good Crop, Bad Crop