Autumn Gardening

Autumn, I love you! Your coolness is so much more agreeable to me than the stifling heat of summer. I get to wear slippers, winter pyjamas and woolly things. I get to appreciate hot drinks and a warm fire. And I get to do things outside without risking heat exhaustion. Woohoo! I am trying decide … More Autumn Gardening

The Weekend of Nuttiness: More Nutty Than You Expect

I’m back, people! There has been an unexpected two weeks without internet at our new home, just to add to the general nuttiness of my life at the moment. Surviving without the interwebs at home is a tough challenge. Mind you, I’ve been far too busy to miss the interwebs, right? Yes… Poor blog, I … More The Weekend of Nuttiness: More Nutty Than You Expect

Fabulous Feijoas

I am pleased to announce that I am finally getting a fabulous feijoa crop again. After a couple of years of snowfalls that repeatedly damaged my five small feijoa trees, I have managed to coddle them back to a happy, productive state. I am also quietly pleased that my trees are doing better than my … More Fabulous Feijoas