The Flowers of Summer

Our garden is still a little bit sparse on the 'pretties', but I'm slowly getting more in. Here's a colourful splash of some of our summer flowers.


Making Time For Rest

Rest? What is this rest? Somewhere along the journey of motherhood I forgot how to rest and relax properly. What little time I had to myself was spent doing as much as possible: housework, gardening, producing crops, harvesting, preserving, chicken keeping, DIY projects, knitting and more. All of these things are good and some of…

A Little Boy’s 3rd Birthday

We've recently celebrated The Little Fulla's 3rd birthday. Where has the time gone? That's a very good question, because I actually lost track of time, suddenly realising that  The Little Fulla's party was only one week out. There goes making stuff in advance to avoid a mad rush. Fortunately, I had already gathered a few…