Harvesting, Crop Woes & The Importance of The Weather

Autumn is here, although the temperatures seem to have only just been notified. We were still getting 28-30degC (82-86F) highs and warm nights that only cooled down in the final couple of hours of the morning. Today things have cooled off a little, with some good cloud, so that is very nice. We finally had … More Harvesting, Crop Woes & The Importance of The Weather

Just Plum Crazy

If there’s one word that sums up my life right now, it’s ‘plums’. Harvesting plums, buckets of plums, sinks of bathing plums, chopping plums, trying to use and preserve ALL the plums. Well, the ones we haven’t given away. And sometimes in 30degC (86degF) weather too. I feel like I’m always talking about plums. Probably … More Just Plum Crazy

Good Crop, Bad Crop

Last time I talked about the pumpkins and squashes, which despite the powdery mildew and earlier-than-usual demise, still gave us decent crops. Except for the Pink Banana Jumbo squash, both plants of which grew like a stunted sloth and finally aborted their puny fruit. I blame the poor quality of the seeds. Plus the slugs … More Good Crop, Bad Crop