In Which Fruit Trees Get Drastic Measures & a Roll Call

Back in June (oops, time flies!) I pruned all the stonefruit and pipfruit trees and sprayed the stonefruit trees with copper to try to prevent fungal disease. Several trees had to be drastically pruned, partly thanks to the neighbours’ now deceased bull and partly thanks to brown rot. Although I have wire netting all along … More In Which Fruit Trees Get Drastic Measures & a Roll Call

Mowing And Mulching

When you wake up to the sound of rain, knowing you finished mowing the lawns and mulching a pruning mountain yesterday, it’s a great feeling. Checking the weather forecast is a key part of country life. I like to maximise fine days by getting outdoor tasks done and plan indoor tasks and shopping trips for … More Mowing And Mulching

Doors And Dirt

At last, the painting of the front door is over! I didn’t think it would take so long. That is always the way with a small child on the loose. It has been an interesting juggling act. As I was finishing up tidying around the edges of the glass panes, I looked up to see yet … More Doors And Dirt