The Flowers of Summer

Our garden is still a little bit sparse on the 'pretties', but I'm slowly getting more in. Here's a colourful splash of some of our summer flowers.


Lets Pause to Look at Some Pretty Things

Sometimes, when things are a a little chaotic, you just need to look at some flowers. So, that's what we're going to do today. In the morning, the sun rises behind the sasanqua camellia. Sometimes. Sometimes it hides behind the clouds. The crisp white flowers are a welcome sight in the colder months of the…

The Vege Garden is Filling up

The vege garden has gathered more plants and is starting to look like something worthwhile. The late spring rain we've had has been extremely helpful; keeping my newly planted seedlings watered and helping the older veges put on growth. That is, until last week's three days of hot, sticky weather akin to the height of…