Mid-winter Flowers

I think I appreciate flowers more in winter than in the more floriferous times of year, because they just bring some joy, hope and prettiness amidst the gloom and cold of winter. Here's to taking time to inspect and enjoy the flowers.


Spanish Bluebells

The bulbs that appeared en masse in the front garden have flowered, revealing themselves as Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica). It is lovely having some flowers in the garden, albeit without any work on my part. Well, I can take the credit for freeing them from their weed mat prison. They have even motivated me to do…

Hope Springs up Amongst The Weeds

I have been ignoring my weed-invaded front garden for a while, apart from spraying the oxalis, in favour of working on the back garden. But over the last few weeks something remarkable has happened. From among the dying weeds and barren earth, bulbs have sprung forth! The snowflakes were the first to appear. I'm guessing…