So Many Tomatoes

The tomatoes have been thundering in. Just when the Black Krims started to slow down, the 'cherry' tomatoes, Gardeners Delight, started ripening. I say 'cherry' tomatoes because I thought that's what they were supposed to be, but they're like small big tomatoes if you know what I mean!┬áNot any use whole in salads but tasty…


Tomato – Fat Freddy

This is Fat Freddy. He is a Black Krim tomato and he is large and weird, especially on his backside. He weighs 525g and is destined for a great future in the salad bowl.

Tomatoes and Theivery

The tomato harvest has begun! But I'm not the only one who has been a'harvesting. Something has been eating my tomatoes. Big chunks out of my tomatoes. My suspect list had two names on it: birds and possums. Surely possums would eat the whole fruit, but the amount of munching was more extensive than I…