That’s me! I’m an ordinary person, though certainly a little nuts, who is relishing our move to the countryside. I wanted to live in the country since I was a little girl, and always felt like a country girl at heart trapped in a town girl’s world. No more! I get much joy out of living my simple, creative life. I have too many interests and skills for my own good and try to do way too many projects at the same time. I am a serial learner. I also like to help other people learn. At the moment I am a stay-at-home mum to the The Little Fulla. My favourite thing to do is gardening or any sort of work outside, but writing is probably a close second. While I like having little adventures, my favourite place to be is at home with The Husband and The Little Fulla.
DSCF5633 ed 3
The Husband

The Husband works in the Telecommunications industry and was previously a chef. That means he makes nice food for me as well as being extremely helpful with technology and other manly stuff around the house. He makes my kitchen skills look sad. Sometimes he just needs a little bit of convincing to partake in my garden adventures and schemes, but he likes the part where food comes out at the other end. A serial nut pilferer. He is most happy in front of the computer. He sleeptalks semi-regularly and occasionally sleepwalks, which is both funny and insanity-inducing.

The Little Fulla

The Little Fulla is our small human child. He is the most precious thing we have. He is a fidget and has been since before he was born. It’s no wonder, with a fidget father and a serial multi-tasking mother. He likes to help with almost everything. While he requires a lot of time and energy, he is adorable and fun and I love him fiercely.




Nala is our only fur child at the moment, although I would like another… She is beloved but a little nuts. She likes to talk to us, likes to sleep long hours in or near the house, watches and catches all sorts of critters in the garden and gets really nutty in the evenings if the fire isn’t on, if she’s not getting enough attention, if she’s hungry or just because she can. She likes playing with twisty ties, hair ties and like items, and getting sifty on any paper that is left on the floor. When she goes into her nutty state we call her Nutkin.


The Chickens

My ever-changing flock of feather children currently consists of my dependable super broody Australorp Frodo, her offspring Mr Bingley the rooster, Lizzie, Kitty, Georgiana and Mary, my young Australorp cockerel ‘PB’ and my four newbie pullets, two laced Wyandottes and two black Orpingtons. They help deal with the weeds, the girls give us eggs, when they’re not being tricksy, and they are fascinating to watch. They are all pretty friendly and curious and love treats, when they’re allowed them. My chicken journey has had many ups and downs but I have definitely entered the crazy chicken lady zone. I especially like raising feather babies.



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